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Szechrome NAS

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Szechrome NAS

Szechrome NAS

Suitable for the determination of the nitrate content of natural waters, industrial waste effluents, soil, plant and meat extracts, tinned goods, biological fluids (sputum, urine), chemicals, fertilizers and drugs. NAS has been used in place of the phenoldisulfonic acid, brucine and chromotropic acid methods used previously.

This sensitive reagent reacts rapidly to produce stable colors suitable for precise quantitative determinations or rapid estimations in routine field work. Szechrome NAS produces color reactions which are specific and proportional to the nitrate content of the sample tested.


  • Stable
  • Non-toxic
  • Stable color develops rapidly and is not temperature sensitive

Optical density (OD) at 570nm after 5 min. development is proportional to nitrate in the range of 2-20ppm.

Hazards: Unknown
Handling: Gloves
Storage: Store at room temperature

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