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Periodic Acid Schiff's (PAS) Stain

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Periodic Acid Schiff's (PAS) Stain

Periodic Acid Schiff's  (PAS) Stain

PAS techniques are used to demonstrate polysaccharides, neutral mucosubstances and basement membranes primarily in tissue. The PAS reagent is also called Fuelgen Stain for the demonstration of DNA with a different protocol. Kidney is the most sensitive control. The demonstration of glycogen is best represented by a section of liver with a digestion step used as a negative control in the staining.

The kit is supplied with Harris Hematoxylin Acidified as the counterstain.

Kit Components:

  • 0.5% Periodic Acid Aq  (250 ml)
  • Schiff’ Reagent  (250 ml)
  • 0.55% Potassium Metabisulfite  (250 ml)
  • Harris Hematoxylin Acidified  (250 ml)
  • Phosphate Citrate Buffer pH 5.0  (250 ml)
  • Diastase Powder  (0.5 gm)
Photo: Human kidney tissue stained with Periodic Acid Schiff’s Stain Kit (PAS).

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Requires:  Cold Pack
Size:  1 kit