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Monomers & Polymers

Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate], MW ~ 10,000

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Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate], MW ~ 10,000

CAS Number: 26063-00-3
Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate], MW ~10,000

Polyhydroxybutyrates (PHBs)are the most common type of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) and were first discovered in prokaryotes as a high molecular weight storage molecule in cytoplasmic granules in prokaryotes.

There has been interest in the use of PHBs and PHB copolymers in the biodegradable plastics industry. The biodegradable and non-toxic effect of PHBs also make them a strong possibility for many medical applications, including drug release, bone regeneration, and nerve guidance.

Purity 99.5%



Molecular Weight: ~ 10,000
Hazards: Harmless-use normal precautions
Handling: Exercise normal care
Storage: Store at room temperature

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Size:  1 g