Wire Bond

Wire Bond

Cat. # Description Viscosity (kCps) Cure Time/ Temp (hrs/°C) Tg (°C) CTE (ppm) Modulus (MPa) Durometer Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)

Structural epoxy adhesive with high strength & durability. Particularly useful for demanding bonding applications requiring very high performance properties. Tough, impact resistant, good adhesion to many metals, ceramics, & thermosetting plastics. Thermally curable.

100 1/100 + 1/165 12 4000 85D N/A

100% solid, silica filled liquid encapsulant designed for quick self-leveling in large dam & fill or glob top applications, & encapsulation of narrow diameter, long, & ultra fine pitch wire bonds on semiconductor devices. Low modulus & CTE, excellent adhesion to inorganic & organic substrates, thermally curable, & non-sweeping. Available in dam & fill or glob top versions.

50 1/100 + 1/165 15 3500 85D N/A

High performance epoxy for encapsulation applications. Well suited for many bonding & sealing uses requiring high modulus & high temperature resistance. Thermally curable.

6 1/100 + 1/165 15 4000 90D N/A