London Resin Products

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  1. L.R. White Embedding Media

    L.R. White Embedding Media

    开始于: NT$6,480.00

    Used for routine light and electron microscopy, histochemisty and immunohistochemistry, L.R. White can be cold or thermally cured. Accelerator for room temperature curing of the resin is available for those applications where simple heat catalysis is inappropriate.

    In Europe Only - L.R. White is sold in three different grades: soft, medium and hard. All grades can be obtained in either catalyzed or uncatalyzed form. Cat. #17411E

  2. Accelerator for L.R. White

    Accelerator for L.R. White

    开始于: NT$1,296.00

    Accelerator for use with L.R. White Embedding Media.

  3. L.R. Gold Embedding Media

    L.R. Gold Embedding Media

    开始于: NT$12,672.00

    L.R. Gold is a specialized material designed for cold processing of unfixed or lightly fixed tissue. The product enables the researcher to study fixation sensitive and temperature labile antigens and enzymes in resin sections using light and electron microscopy.