Electrophoresis Reagents

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  1. Acrylamide, Chemzymes Ultra Pure®

    Acrylamide, Chemzymes Ultra Pure®

    开始于: NT$3,504.00

    Specific conductance of 35% (w/v) solution 2µmho/cm. Used in electrophoresis for separation of nucleic acid fragments and proteins. For precision gels used in electro-phoresis and isoelectric focusing. Because of the low acidity levels of our acrylamide, binding of ampholytes is virtually eliminated and fine pH gradients can be established. Fluorescence-free gels are readily prepared. For scanning of gels n the UV region, our Ultra Pure grade acrylamide makes gels with baselines having very low "noise".


  2. Cacodylic acid, sodium salt trihydrate

    Cacodylic acid, sodium salt trihydrate

    开始于: NT$6,576.00

    Dissolve in distilled or deionized water heated to 60°C, under a hood.

    (Sodium cacodylate)