9 个项目


  1. PROMASTER® MicroClean Cleaning Cloth

    PROMASTER® MicroClean Cleaning Cloth

    开始于: NT$672.00

    A special high-density treated fabric that absorbs oils and easily removes fingerprints, dust, and other particles from delicate lens and LCD surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean and clear. The MicroClean cloth is safe for use on all coated optical surfaces as well as glass, polycarbonate and LCD surfaces.

    Dimensions: 8" x 8" Machine Washable. Includes Case.

  2. Lab Pro™ Lens Cleaning Towelettes

    Lab Pro Lens Cleaning Towelettes

    开始于: NT$432.00

    The “clear choice for plastic and glass lens cleaning.” Professionally formulated with a unique anti-static solution that leaves lenses clean and clear. Eliminates the problem of impaired vision from dirt, fog and oily residue that does not come off with regular wiping.

  3. Smooth Rack

    Smooth Rack

    开始于: NT$912.00

    Smooth Rack employs uniquely designed supports that prevent tubes from slipping out of position. Holds a variety of tubes 10-16mm in diameter. Available in blue or white.

  4. Stirrers, Replacement for Biovortexer

    Stirrers, Replacement for Biovortexer

    开始于: NT$3,504.00

    Replacement stirrers for Biovortexer - 1/8" x 2"

    1000 per package

  5. Stirrer, portable, for microfuge tubes, "Biovortexer"

    Stirrer, portable, for microfuge tubes, "Biovortexer"

    开始于: NT$4,992.00

    This is a hand-held, portable unit allows mixing of samples directly in centrifuge tubes or small vials. It is light weight, easy to use, and battery powered. The disposable polypropylene stirring rods come with the unit and eliminate cross contamination

  6. Microprobes and Picks

    Microprobes and Picks

    开始于: NT$4,272.00

    Set of 4 stainless steel probes for use in inaccessible areas.

  7. Glass Tubes with Plastic Snap Caps (specimen bottles)

    Glass Tubes with Plastic Snap Caps (specimen bottles)

    开始于: NT$5,904.00

    3.7ml capacity. 44mm in height x 13mm wide.

  8. Brush, Red Sable, Size 00000

    Brush, Red Sable, Size 00000

    开始于: NT$384.00

    Fine brush for manipulating samples or cleaning delicate items. Natural fiber tip tip is 1cm long and 2mm thick. Total brush length 17.5 cm.

  9. Glass Scriber, Diamond

    Glass Scriber, Diamond

    开始于: NT$3,024.00

    A Natural Diamond held at 90° angle in a metal mounting. It is fitted with a protective cover and pocket clasp. Useful for scoring glass strips prior to hand making glass knives, marking slides and property identification.