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  1. Smooth Rack

    Smooth Rack

    开始于: NT$960.00

    Smooth Rack employs uniquely designed supports that prevent tubes from slipping out of position. Holds a variety of tubes 10-16mm in diameter. Available in blue or white.

  2. Stirrers, Replacement for Biovortexer

    Stirrers, Replacement for Biovortexer

    开始于: NT$3,648.00

    Replacement stirrers for Biovortexer - 1/8" x 2"

    1000 per package

  3. Microprobes and Picks

    Microprobes and Picks

    开始于: NT$4,560.00

    Set of 4 stainless steel probes for use in inaccessible areas.

  4. Brush, Red Sable, Size 00000

    Brush, Red Sable, Size 00000

    开始于: NT$432.00

    Fine brush for manipulating samples or cleaning delicate items. Natural fiber tip tip is 1cm long and 2mm thick. Total brush length 17.5 cm.

  5. Glass Scriber, Diamond

    Glass Scriber, Diamond

    开始于: NT$3,216.00

    A Natural Diamond held at 90° angle in a metal mounting. It is fitted with a protective cover and pocket clasp. Useful for scoring glass strips prior to hand making glass knives, marking slides and property identification.

  6. Parafilm, 4" x 250' per roll

    Parafilm, 4" x 250' per roll

    开始于: NT$5,472.00

    Used for sealing or protecting vessels such as flasks or cuvettes. Molds quickly and seals laboratory vessels with a disposable translucent film. Parafilm is stretchable, moldable, waterproof, odorless, thermoplastic and self-adhering.