Decalcification Products

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  1. Super Decalcifier II: Heavy Duty

    Super Decalcifier II: Heavy Duty

    开始于: NT$1,296.00

    Designed for safe, longer term decalcification of hard compact bone, femoral heads, above and below the knee amputations.

  2. Super Decalcifier I: Delicate | Polysciences, Inc.

    Super Decalcifier I: Delicate

    开始于: NT$1,296.00

    Recommended for use with delicate specimens that require fast diagnostic work such as IHC, cytochemistry and special stain procedures.

  3. Deli-Cal Block Solution

    Deli-Cal Block Solution

    开始于: NT$2,400.00

    Our microtome soak, Deli-Cal Block Solution saves time and money by allowing to salvage problem blocks right at cutting stations. The quality and thoroughness of Deli-Cal Block Solution is dependent upon the original decalcification procedure and condition of the specimen.

  4. De-Calcify Block Solution

    De-Calcify Block Solution

    开始于: NT$2,256.00

    Original decalcification thoroughness and condition of the specimen is dependent on the original decalcification solution. Use De-Calcify Block Solution as a fast microtome soak that saves you time and money by allowing you to salvage problem blocks right at your cutting station.

  5. Poly-NoCal & Fixative

    Poly-NoCal & Fixative

    开始于: NT$2,736.00

    Poly-NoCal & Fixative is a formic acid and formaldehyde based solution designed to fix and decalcify in one easy, convenient step. Small histological specimens, such as bone marrow, will achieve softening sufficient for sectioning in four hours.