Embedding & Paraffin

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  1. Total Cutting Solution Kit

    Total Cutting Solution Kit

    开始于: NT$8,208.00

    A revolutionary product for every work station in your lab. Our Total Cutting Solution Kit provides you with 5 tissue cutting solutions to address decalcification issues and difficult tissue blocks & specimens. Don’t let poor processing and paraffin issues stop you in the middle of your cutting track record. Reduce bottlenecks in your workflow by using the 10 multi-well tissue block holders provided with the kit right at your cutting station!

  2. Embedding Mold Release Spray

    Embedding Mold Release Spray

    开始于: NT$2,400.00

    Embedding Mold Release Spray is a particularly effective anti-stick agent that dries on contact and leaves no oily film. It is unaffected by water, oil, or solvents and is thermally stable to 500°F. Spray can contains 10oz.

  3. Histoheme


    开始于: NT$1,776.00

    Developed to assist histologists with bloody specimens such as placental fragments, bone marrow biopsies, liver, spleen and endometrial curretings which tend to harden after processing and dry out. These tissues, when set on ice tend to shatter and flake leaving blood fragments all over the work area, microtome, waterbath and have a high potential for creating extraneous tissue “floaters” on slides.

  4. Soft Nail

    Soft Nail

    开始于: NT$3,120.00

    Unique Formulation to Soften Keratin

    Made for very hard complex keratinized hair, nail and skin samples common in Mohs Histology laboratories. Hair, nail and skin samples that have been processed tend to flex and turn becoming difficult to cut and hold on slides for staining.

  5. GemCut® Emerald Paraffin

    GemCut® Emerald Paraffin

    开始于: NT$4,128.00

    GemCut® Emeral Paraffin is a high polymer paraffin for routine embedding and cutting.

  6. Gold Standard Peel-A-Way® Micro-Cut Paraffins 62°C to 64°C

    Gold Standard Peel-A-Way® Micro-Cut Paraffins 62°C to 64°C

    开始于: NT$4,368.00

    A low polymer content formulation with improved viscosity, infiltration and embedding. Translucent appearance of the paraffin allows for excellent tissue visibility. The lower polymer content also makes deparaffinization easier with all types of clearing agents.

  7. Soft Block

    Soft Block

    开始于: NT$1,200.00

    Unique Formula for Softening Difficult to Cut Tissue in Paraffin

    Effective on bone, nails and tissue. Easy to use, just soak pre-trimmed block surface in Soft Block for 5-15 minutes (depending on tissue sample size) and cut sections.

  8. PolyGuard, Paraffin Repellent | Polysciences, Inc.

    PolyGuard, Paraffin Repellent

    开始于: NT$1,872.00

    Xylene free paraffin repellent. Used to create a protective coating on surfaces exposed to paraffin as well as to clean adhering paraffin off laboratory counterparts and equipment. PolyGuard will help keep your equipment and countertops clean and tidy.

    Available in 120ml bottles and cases of 6x120ml

  9. PolyFin® Paraffin

    PolyFin® Paraffin

    开始于: NT$3,600.00

    This is a mixture of fine paraffin waxes and copolymer alloys in convenient pellets. PolyFin® produces ultra-thin compression free ribbons. It is used to cut 2 micron sections routinely without icing. It functions flawlessly in pressure/vacuum fluid flow processors. PolyFin® provides maximum support for both hard and soft tissue samples while maintaining exceptional clarity. The low 55°C melting point eliminates excessive heat distortion during tissue processing.

  10. Wrinkle Out Water Bath Solution | Polysciences, Inc.

    Wrinkle Out Water Bath Solution

    开始于: NT$1,008.00

    Use in place of normal or distilled water for water bath when cutting paraffin sections and pick up wrinkle free ribbons and sections on the slide. Changes the water surface tension so tissue spreads evenly without wrinkles when using paraffin that is of lower quality than the polymer fortified paraffins on the market.