Control Slides

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  1. Microscope Slides, Plain

    Microscope Slides, Plain

    开始于: NT$2,016.00

    Made of high quality glass guaranteed to be precleaned. The slides are ground smooth and free of sharp cutting edges.

    72 slides per box.

  2. Super Frosted Microscope Slides

    Super Frosted Microscope Slides

    开始于: NT$2,304.00

    These slides have a special coating impervious to processing reagents, which allows for more permanent marking.

  3. Control Slides

    Control Slides

    开始于: NT$2,976.00

    Slide allows the control specimen and the patient’s specimen to be on the same slide with positive identification of both specimens. Identical Patient and Control stain procedures. Slide has a frosted end for easy marking and special coating for enhanced sample adhesion to the slide.

    72 slides per box

  4. Microscope Slides, Immunofluorescence

    Microscope Slides, Immunofluorescence

    开始于: NT$8,352.00

    These slides have a durable teflon coating that is acetone-resistant, autoclavable and hydrophobic. Slides are 1” x 3” (25mm x 75mm), 1mm thick and are useful for all fluorescent materials. These glass slides have ten 6mm wells and are frosted on one end for easy labeling.

    100 slides per box

  5. Microscope Slides, Micropure

    Microscope Slides, Micropure

    开始于: NT$1,296.00

    Sandblasted slides manufactured with optical quality pure glass. Micropure slides contain 47% less iron than water white slides which allows visualization of true sample colors. Slides have improved hydrolytic resistance leaching/clouding and feature increased wettability.

    25mm x 75mm, 72 slides per box

  6. Tissue Tack (+ Charged) Microscope Slides | Polysciences, Inc.

    Tissue Tack (+ Charged) Microscope Slides

    开始于: NT$2,832.00

    Treated with a specially formulated aminoalkylsilane, Tissue Tack slides provide a positively charged surface, which permits instant coupling of negatively charged tissue sections. The resultant bond stands up to the very aggressive solutions used in In-Situ Hybridization procedures. Slides are available with a white label.