Microscopy Accessories

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  1. Lens Tissue, Ross

    Lens Tissue, Ross

    开始于: NT$3,552.00

    Non-linting, fiberless, non-abrasive lens tissue. This specially prepared lens tissue is great for EM and LM applications. Also works well for eyeglasses.

    1000 sheets per box

  2. Polysine™ Coated Microscope Slides

    Polysine™ Coated Microscope Slides

    开始于: NT$1,824.00

    Slides provide superior cell and tissue adhesion due to a permanent bio-adhesive material that electrostatically and chemically attracts tissues and tissue sections These slides are particularly effective in applications involving frozen and paraffin embedded sections, cytocentrifuge preparations, and cytology smears. Not affected by chemicals, enzyme predigestion, or heating. Size: 25x75mm. 了解更多