Dyes and Stains for Histology

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  1. Indocyanine green

    Indocyanine green

    开始于: NT$6,384.00

    Dye for hemodynamic studies. Invest.

    Cardiogreen; Fox green λ max 775nm

  2. Saffron


    开始于: NT$15,888.00

    Saffron is used in a variety of histological staining methods including the Hematoxylin, Phloxine and Saffron (HPS) staining technique.

  3. Terry's Polychrome Methylene Blue 2% Aqueous

    Terry's Polychrome Methylene Blue 2% Aqueous

    开始于: NT$10,128.00

    A STAT staining method for unfixed and fixed tissue. Stains nuclei more strongly than cell cytoplasm.Excellent dye for nuclear and nucleolar details. Can be used to demonstrate erythrocyte alterations/inclusions and some erythrocyte parasites, as well as to visualize reticulocytes.

  4. Gomori's Trichrome Stain Kit

    Gomori's Trichrome Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$16,896.00

    Gomori’s One Step Trichrome refers to the multiple stain reaction of this reagent only. However, adequate staining of all cell components requires several other solutions to obtain balance in the tissue. The mordant with Bouin’s Fixative is used to drop the pH and for protein interaction in the section. While this mechanism is not clear the stain works best with this step included.

  5. Alcian Blue/PAS Kit

    Alcian Blue/PAS Kit

    开始于: NT$14,544.00

    Demonstrates neutral and acidic mucosubstances on tissue at pH 2.5 imparts a blue color to the acidic mucins and other carboxylated or weakly sulphated acid mucosubstances. Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) reaction is then used to stain basement membranes, glycogen and neutral mucosubstances pink to red. Mixtures of neutral and acidic mucosubstances will appear purple due to positive reactions with both Alcian Blue and PAS.

  6. Luxol® Fast Blue, Ready-to-Use

    Luxol® Fast Blue, Ready-to-Use

    开始于: NT$5,184.00

    Used to stain myelin and phospholipids.

  7. Neat Stain Hematology Stain Kit

    Neat Stain Hematology Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$4,560.00

    Three-step procedure for differentiation of morphological cell types in peripheral blood smears. Staining characteristics are similar to the traditional Wright’s and Wright-Giemsa stains.

  8. Villanueva Osteochrome Bone Stain

    Villanueva Osteochrome Bone Stain

    开始于: NT$7,968.00

    Useful for staining fresh, fixed, unembedded or plastic-embedded sections of bone. Villanueva Osteochrome Bone Stain gives uniform and reproducible results. Useful in studying biopsy or postmortem tissue.

  9. Verhoeff Van Gieson Elastin Stain Kit

    Verhoeff Van Gieson Elastin Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$11,472.00

    This stain is useful in demonstrating atrophy of elastic tissue in cases of emphysema, thinning and loss of elastic fibers in arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases. With increasing age, changes such as splitting and fragmentation occur, these changes are most obvious in the skin which becomes wrinkled and rather loose-fitting.

  10. Periodic Acid Schiff's (PAS) Stain Kit

    Periodic Acid Schiff's (PAS) Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$12,288.00

    PAS techniques are used to demonstrate polysaccharides, neutral mucosubstances and basement membranes primarily in tissue. The PAS reagent is also called Fuelgen Stain for the demonstration of DNA with a different protocol. Kidney is the most sensitive control. The demonstration of glycogen is best represented by a section of liver with a digestion step used as a negative control in the staining.

  11. Prussian Blue Iron Stain Kit (Reaction for Demonstration of Iron)

    Prussian Blue Iron Stain Kit (Reaction for Demonstration of Iron)

    开始于: NT$9,840.00

    Prussian Blue or Perls’ reaction is used to demonstrate ferric iron and ferritin. This is not a true staining technique rather, it is a histochemical reaction.

    The protein is split off by the hydrochloric acid, allowing the potassium ferrocyanide to combine with the ferric iron. This forms the ferric ferrocyanide or Prussian Blue.

  12. GlycoGel Stain Kit

    GlycoGel Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$29,952.00

    Glycoproteins are macromolecules composed of both a protein and carbohydrate portion. The sugar group can assist in protein folding or improved stability.

    Glycoproteins are often found in proteins that are located in extracellular spaces and are important in immune cell recognition such as: antibodies and Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).

  13. Neat Stain Gram Stain Kit

    Neat Stain Gram Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$4,464.00

    For staining bacteria from cultures or specimens by the differential Gram stain method. Kit performs 150 tests.

  14. Neat Stain Trichrome Stain Kit

    Neat Stain Trichrome Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$10,848.00

    For staining stool specimens. Based upon the Wheatley Trichrome technique which is a rapid staining procedure providing very optimal results for routine examination. Simplified method - use of a mordant prior to staining is not necessary.

  15. Amyloid Stain Kit (Congo Red)

    Amyloid Stain Kit (Congo Red)

    开始于: NT$10,080.00

    Complete kit to aid in the staining of tissue for Amyloidosis. Amyloid Stain Kit used in the detection of amyloid FFPE as well as frozen tissue sections cut at 10 microns. The amyloid stains red and the nuclei stains blue. Control tissue is Alzheimer’s or other known amyloidosis.

  16. Weigert’s Hematoxylin Kit (Solution A & B)

    Weigert’s Hematoxylin Kit (Solution A & B)

    开始于: NT$6,576.00

    A nuclear staining solution containing, hematoxylin, ferric chloride and hydrochloric acid used in many non-routine techniques (special stains) because, it resists decolorization in acidic staining solutions. Ferric Chloride is a strong oxidizer, so it serves both as a mordant and oxidizer for Weigert's Hematoxylin.

  17. Silver Nitrate

    Silver Nitrate

    开始于: NT$5,856.00

    Equal to or better than ACS specifications. Silver stain techniques are widely used to detect nanogram quantities of proteins following electrophoresis. Silver nitrate is the silver source in most silver stain procedures.

  18. Silver Protein for Histology, Strong (not certified)

    Silver Protein for Histology, Strong (not certified)

    开始于: NT$4,512.00

    Histological stain for microscopic analysis.

  19. Gill’s modified OG-6

    Gill’s modified OG-6

    开始于: NT$1,536.00

    OG-6 is a cytoplasmic counterstain solution used in sequence with EA (EA 50, EA 65 or EA36) in the Papanicolaou staining method for clinical cytology. Gill’s modified OG-6 is stable in solution and gives predictable high quality staining results not previously possible with other formulations.

  20. Gill’s modified EA

    Gill’s modified EA

    开始于: NT$1,728.00

    Orange-6 and EA are the two cytoplasmic counterstain solutions that are used sequentially in the Papanicolaou staining method for clinical cytology. Gill’s modified OG-6 and EA are stable in solution and give predictable high quality staining results not previously possible with other formulations.

  21. Picrosirius Red Stain Kit

    Picrosirius Red Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$9,216.00

    Collagen Type I and III Staining

    Our Picrosirius Red Stain binds specifically to collagen fibrils of varying diameter that is used to distinguish collagen Type I from Type III. Picrosirius Red Stain will quantify the amount of collagen in a given area of myocardial tissue. (i.e. the collagen area fraction)

  22. Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit

    Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$7,584.00

    Used for the detection of collagen fibers in tissues such as skin, heart, etc. on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections and may be used for frozen sections as well. Collagen fibers stained blue, nuclei stained black and cytoplasm, muscle, erythrocytes stained red.

    Available in 100ml and 500ml

  23. Heart tissue stained with Rapid PTAH Stain Kit

    Rapid PTAH Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$10,608.00

    PTAH is used to demonstrate cross-striations of the skeletal muscle as well as fibrin and collagen. Used on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE).

  24. Oil Red O Stain Kit 25962

    Oil Red O Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$14,976.00

    Oil Red O is excellent for the demonstration of general localization of fats in frozen tissue sections. 

  25. Nuclear Fast Red, 1% Solution

    Nuclear Fast Red, 1% Solution

    开始于: NT$2,832.00

  26. Mucicarmine Stain Kit

    Mucicarmine Stain Kit

    开始于: NT$7,008.00