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  1. MRSA Strips

    MRSA Strips

    开始于: NT$5,136.00

    MRSA Strips are a traditional strip based sensitivity test for simple identification of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) bacteria.

  2. Urease Strips

    Urease Strips

    开始于: NT$2,256.00

    Intended to qualitatively detect the Urea hydrolyzing capability of various microorganisms.

  3. Indole Strips

    Indole Strips

    开始于: NT$3,504.00

    Used to qualitatively test for Indole production and thereby assist in bacterial identification.

  4. Nichrome® Wire Microloop® 1.5mm volume, 1µl

    Nichrome® Wire Microloop® 1.5mm volume, 1µl

    开始于: NT$3,984.00

    Nichrome® 5 wire inoculating loop 1μl.

  5. Plastic Microloops® 5µl   - individually packed

    Plastic Microloops® 5µl - individually packed

    开始于: NT$11,232.00

    Sterile disposable plastic inoculating loops.

  6. Microloop® Calibration Gauge for 1µl

    Microloop® Calibration Gauge for 1µl

    开始于: NT$11,328.00

    Double ended tool. Each end has an accurately machined solid cylinder of stainless steel of defined diameter. 

  7. Microloop® Holder 150mm (6" long)

    Microloop® Holder 150mm (6" long)

    开始于: NT$2,160.00

    Microloop® Insulated Brass Holder - 150mm (6" long).

  8. Wheatley's Trichrome Blue

    Wheatley's Trichrome Blue

    开始于: NT$10,032.00

    The Wheatley Trichrome method first introduced in 1951 employs a modification of traditional fixation and dehydration methods. This multi-chromatic method yields rapid staining and excellent definition on amoebae and flagellates. 了解更多

  9. Szechrome NAS

    Szechrome NAS

    开始于: NT$10,800.00

    Suitable for the determination of the nitrate content of natural waters, industrial waste effluents, soil, plant and meat extracts, tinned goods, biological fluids (sputum, urine), chemicals, fertilizers and drugs. NAS has been used in place of the phenoldisulfonic acid, brucine and chromotropic acid methods used previously.

  10. AFB Ziehl-Neelson Kit (Hot Method)

    AFB Ziehl-Neelson Kit (Hot Method)

    开始于: NT$8,640.00

    Bacteriological stain kit used to identify acid-fast organisms, mainly Mycobacteria. Helpful in diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis since its lipid rich cell wall makes it resistant to Gram stain.

  11. Grocott Methenamine Silver (GMS) Stain Kit with Pneumocystis Control Slides

    Grocott Methenamine Silver (GMS) Stain Kit with Pneumocystis Control Slides

    开始于: NT$27,744.00

    Used for the identification of Pneumocystis jirovecii and fungal organisms in tissue sections. Also useful in staining carbohydrates. Kit is ready to use, complete with 10 Pneumocystis carinii Two-Well Control Slides. (Cat. #25412)

  12. AFB Kinyoun Kit (Cold Method)

    AFB Kinyoun Kit (Cold Method)

    开始于: NT$3,072.00

    Method of staining acid-fast microorganisms, specifically mycobacterium. Procedure is similar to Ziehl-Neelson stain, but does not involve heating the slides.