Protein Coupling Kits

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  1. PolyLink Protein Coupling Kit

    PolyLink Protein Coupling Kit

    开始于: NT$14,400.00

    Polysciences offers the PolyLink Protein Coupling Kit for COOH Microspheres for the covalent coupling of proteins to carboxylated microspheres. The procedure that follows has been optimized for polymer microspheres 1µm or larger.

    This product replaces the Carbodiimide Kit for Carboxylate Beads, Cat. #19539.

  2. Glutaraldehyde Kit for Amino Beads & Blue Dyed Beads

    Glutaraldehyde Kit for Amino Beads & Blue Dyed Beads

    开始于: NT$11,520.00

    Polysciences' offers the Glutaraldehyde Kit for covalently coupling proteins to amino or blue dyed microspheres. This procedure is recommended for microspheres 0.5µm or larger. If using microspheres between 0.1 and 0.5µm, please use the Glutaraldehyde Kit with Hollow Fiber Filtering System (Catalog #23964).