BioMag® Carboxyl

4 个项目


  1. BioMag® Carboxyl

    BioMag® Carboxyl

    开始于: NT$20,544.00

    • Concentration: 20mg/ml
    • Stoichiometry: 240µmol/g
  2. BioMag® Maxi Carboxyl

    BioMag® Maxi Carboxyl

    开始于: NT$20,448.00

    BioMag® Maxi superparamagnetic particles are 3-12µm irregularly shaped iron oxide particles. This size distinguishes BioMag® Maxi from our well known conventional BioMag® particles that are approximately 1.6µm and our BioMag®Plus particles that are approximately 1µm. It has been shown that larger, denser particles are more efficient in immunomagnetic capture assays, especially in viscous solutions.

  3. BioMag®Plus Carboxyl

    BioMag®Plus Carboxyl

    开始于: NT$21,408.00

    BioMag®Plus Carboxyl particles are provided for covalent coupling proteins to BioMag®Plus superparamagnetic particles.

    The particles are provided as a suspension at 20 mg of particles/ml.

  4. BioMag®Plus Carboxyl Protein Coupling Kit

    BioMag®Plus Carboxyl Protein Coupling Kit

    开始于: NT$23,088.00

    The BioMag®Plus Carboxyl Protein Coupling Kit includes all of the reagents needed for covalently coupling proteins to BioMag®Plus Carboxyl superparamagnetic particles.

    The contents of the kit are sufficient for five coupling reactions.