Monodisperse Dendrimers

Polysciences, Inc. has partnered with Dr. Donald A. Tomalia’s latest nanotechnology company, NanoSynthons LLC, to make high quality dendrimers available in research quantities. Dr. Tomalia, the pioneering scientist and inventor of dendrimers, founded NanoSynthons to provide high purity building blocks for material science and nanomedicine. “Dendrimer” refers to a broad category of well-defined soft nanoparticles that possess three major architectural components, namely: 1) a core, 2) an interior and 3) surface. Reminiscent of an onion, a dendrimer begins with a core and is grown in size by the construction of a series of concentric layers/shells, derived from branched monomers referred to as generations (G).

DAB-PAMAM Dendrimers are available with the following Surface Groups: Amino, Amidoethanol and Sodium Carboxylate

Amidoethanol (Neutral)

Amino (Cationic)

Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic)


Cat. # Surface Group Core Generation Available Sizes
25692 Amino (Cationic) DAB 0 100mg / 500mg
25693 Amino (Cationic) DAB 1 100mg / 500mg
25694 Amino (Cationic) DAB 2 100mg / 500mg
25695 Amino (Cationic) DAB 3 100mg / 500mg
25696 Amino (Cationic) DAB 4 100mg / 500mg
25697 Amino (Cationic) DAB 5 100mg / 500mg
25698 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 0 100mg / 500mg
25699 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 1 100mg / 500mg
25700 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 2 100mg / 500mg
25701 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 3 100mg / 500mg
25702 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 4 100mg / 500mg
25703 Amidoethanol (Neutral) DAB 5 100mg / 500mg
25704 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 0.5 100mg / 500mg
25705 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 1.5 100mg / 500mg
25706 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 2.5 100mg / 500mg
25707 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 3.5 100mg / 500mg
25708 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 4.5 100mg / 500mg
25709 Sodium Carboxylate (Anionic) DAB 5.5 100mg / 500mg

For more details download the Dendrimers Product Guide