Monomer & Polymer Adjuncts

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  1. Florisil®


    开始于: NT$5,040.00

    FLORISIL® is a highly selective adsorbent that has extensive utility in preparative and analytical chromatography. Frequently referred to as a magnesium silicate. FLORISIL® has become widely accepted in the analytical chromatography field for the separation and isolation of a variety of compounds.

  2. Alumina, activated powder

    Alumina, activated powder

    开始于: NT$2,688.00

    Alumina is used to remove inhibitor from monomers.

    Recommended for use with Inhibitor Removal Column (Cat. #19708)

  3. Inhibitor Removal Column

    Inhibitor Removal Column

    开始于: NT$19,008.00

    Inhibitor Removal Column features 250ml capacity.

    Recommended packing: Alumina (Cat. #23678) removes phenolic inhibitor from ~170 volumes of monomer where inhibitor content is 100ppm. The Inhibitor Removal Column is suitable for use with De-Hibit 200 for the removal of phenolic inhibitors from neutral monomers.

    Column and packing are sold separately.

  4. N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine


    开始于: NT$2,016.00

    Low viscosity epoxy accelerator.

    (BDMA; N,N-Dimethylbenzylamine)

  5. Nonenyl Succinic Anhydride (NSA), EM Grade

    Nonenyl Succinic Anhydride (NSA), EM Grade

    开始于: NT$3,648.00

    Liquid anhydride for curing low viscosity embedding resin for E.M., particularly used in Spurr formulations. Our material is specially distilled for E.M. applications and was developed in conjunction with Dr. Spurr.

  6. Dodecenylsuccinic anhydride (DDSA)

    Dodecenylsuccinic anhydride (DDSA)

    开始于: NT$1,536.00

    Epoxy hardener, suitable for use in embedding procedures.

  7. Nadic-Methyl-Anhydride-nma

    Nadic Methyl Anhydride (NMA)

    开始于: NT$1,104.00

    Liquid anhydride for curing epoxy resins. This material is a mixture of methyl isomers of methylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboxylic anhydride. The larger the proportion of NMA used in the epoxy resin formula, the harder the resultant block.

  8. Benzoin methyl ether (UV Catalyst)

    Benzoin methyl ether (UV Catalyst)

    开始于: NT$2,112.00

    UV polymerization catalyst.

  9. Benzoyl peroxide, 70% active (water wet)

    Benzoyl peroxide, 70% active (water wet)

    开始于: NT$3,312.00

    Thermal polymerization catalyst.

  10. Uvitex 2B

    Uvitex 2B

    开始于: NT$5,520.00

    Uvitex 2B fluorescent dye will bind to the chitin in fungal walls and is highly selective for fungi and algae in tissue sections. It has a slower fade rate than more commonly used fungal fluorescent dyes.

  11. De-Hibit 200

    De-Hibit 200

    开始于: NT$4,704.00

    Resin for removal of phenolic inhibitors (hydroquinone monomethyl ether or t-butylcatechol) from neutral monomers, e.g., acrylate esters or styrene derivatives.

    Suitable for use with Inhibitor Removal Column, Cat. #19708

  12. DMP-30


    开始于: NT$1,872.00

    Curing catalyst for epoxy resins.

  13. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

    Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

    开始于: NT$2,304.00

    Curing agent for epoxy resins.

  14. Dibutyltin dilaurate

    Dibutyltin dilaurate

    开始于: NT$6,192.00

    Catalyst for polymerizing lactide and glycolide and isocyanate reactions.

  15. Octenylsuccinic anhydride

    Octenylsuccinic anhydride

    开始于: NT$3,744.00

    Used as a replacement for hexenylsuccinic anhydride in Polyscience’s Ultra Low Viscosity Epoxy Embedding Kit (catalog # 17706)

  16. Benzoyl Peroxide, Plasticized

    Benzoyl Peroxide, Plasticized

    开始于: NT$3,216.00

    Thermal polymerization catalyst. Dry powder. Easier to use.