Styrenic Monomers

Popular alternatives to acrylic and related monomers, styrenic monomers generally provide polymers of higher glass transition temperature, higher modulus, increased hydrophobic character and nominal UV absorbance. As such, coatings made with high concentrations of styrenic monomers can yellow with time if exposed to UV light. Crosslinked styrene resins (especially in microsphere form) are tough and chemically resistant. These form the basis for ion exchange resins and microbeads used as supports for biochemical reactions.

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Styrenic Monomers

Cat. # Name Mol. Weight Polymerizable Sites Polymerizable Synthon Add’l. Reactive Functionality Special Features
22478 Divinylbenzene (80% Active) 130.2
02718 3(4)-Chloromethylstyrene (VBC) ≥96% 152.6