Silane PEGs

Silane PEGs allow for efficient functionalization of silica (SiO2) and related surfaces. Typically, the functionalization of silica, known as silanization, begins with APTES and involves multiple steps to produce the desired functionality. However, with methoxy, azide, alkyne, and biotin functionalities, our silane PEGs greatly reduces the steps required to create the desired functionality.

Selected Research:

Methoxy PEG Silane (Cat No. 26069-26072) improves selectivity of magnetic nanoparticles used in visualization of tumors.

Larsen, E. K., Nielsen, T. W., Birkedal, H., Vorup-Jensen, T., Østergaard, L., Horsmon, M. R., et al. (2009). Size-Dependent Accumulation of PEGylated Silane-Coated Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Murine Tumors. ACS Nano, 3(7), 1947-1951.

Methoxy PEG Silane and Silane PEG Biotin (Cat No. 26236-26239) create nanoaperture array for single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.

Kinz-Thompson, C. D., Palma, M., Pulukkunat, D. K., Chenet, D., Hone, J., Wind, S. J., et al. (2013). Robustly Passivated, Gold Nanoaperture Arrays for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy. ACS Nano, 7(9), 8158-8166.

Silane PEG Biotin binds to DNA-protein complex and allows for study of DNA conformations.

Shemer, G., Atsmon, Y., Karzbrun, E., & Bar-Ziv, R. H. (2012). Collective Conformations of DNA Polymers Assembled on Surface Density Gradients. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134(9), 3954-3956.

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Silane PEGs

Cat. # Name Mol. Weight Form Comments
26069 Methoxy PEG silane, Mp 2000 2000
26070 Methoxy PEG silane, Mp 5000 5,000
26071 Methoxy PEG silane, Mp 10000 10,000
26072 Methoxy PEG silane, Mp 20000 20,000
26235 Silane PEG azide, MP 20000 20000
26234 Silane PEG azide, MP 10000 10000
26233 Silane PEG azide, MP 5000 5000
26232 Silane PEG azide, MP 3000 3000
26231 Silane PEG alkyne, MP 20000 20000
26230 Silane PEG alkyne, MP 10000 10000
26229 Silane PEG alkyne, MP 5000 5000
26228 Silane PEG alkyne, MP 3000 3000