Neat Stain

Neat Stain Kits have been specifically designed for stat procedures and/or laboratories using manual staining methods. We offer Neat Stains in three different kits. A 3-step differential Hematology Stain, Gram Stain and Trichrome Stain kits. Immerse your slides sequentially in each reagent for the correct time, air dry and read - it’s that simple.

  • Neat - Self-contained foil sealed, pre-filled multi-well containers
  • Fast - Immerse slides sequentially in each reagent for specified time,  air dry and read
  • Convenient - Additional foils for re-sealing containers

Neat Stain Hematology Stain Kit Cat. #25034
Three-step procedure for differentiation of morphological cell types in peripheral blood smears. Also useful in Andrology labs staining microorganisms and spermatozoa. Staining characteristics are similar to the traditional Wright’s and Wright-Giemsa stains. Neat Stain offers the flexibility of a three dip staining sequence in both the stain and counter-stain solution. Kit performs 150 tests.

Neat Stain Trichrome Stain Kit Cat. #25035
For the staining of stool specimens. Based upon the Wheatley Trichrome technique which is a rapid staining procedure providing good results for routine examination. Simplified method, use of a mordant prior to staining is not necessary. Kit performs 75 tests.

Neat Stain Gram Stain Kit Cat. #25036
For staining bacteria from cultures or specimens by the differential Gram stain method.
Kit performs 150 tests.

Neat Stain Slide Holder Cat. #25033
Durable slide holder. Adjusts to hold 2-5 slides for easy processing.