StainRITE® Ready-to-Use Stains for Hematology

Since Romanowsky successfully used Methylene Blue solution in 1891 to detect malarial parasites in blood, hematologists have been formulating stains for the study of blood.

Polysciences, Inc. carries on the tradition with our StainRITE® Ready-to-Use Stains for Hematology. All of our formulations have been carefully optimized for peak performance in the lab.

Crisp nuclear detail from our ready-to-use solutions makes the differentiation of human blood cells easier to identify.

StainRITE® Wright-Giemsa Stain Solution  - Cat. #24985

StainRITE® Wright-Giemsa Stain Phosphate Buffer pH 6.8  - Cat. #24984

StainRITE® Wright Stain Solution  - Cat. #24986

StainRITE® Wright Stain Phosphate Buffer pH 6.8  - Cat. #24989

StainRITE® May-Grünwald Stain Solution  - Cat. #24981

StainRITE® Giemsa Stain (for May-Grünwald)  - Cat. #25038

StainRITE® May-Grünwald Giemsa Phosphate Buffer pH 7.2  - Cat. #25032