AFB Kinyoun Kit (Cold Method)

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Method of staining acid-fast microorganisms, specifically mycobacterium. Procedure is similar to Ziehl-Neelson stain, but does not involve heating the slides.

Kinyoun staining method uses carbol-fuchsin as a primary stain, followed by decolorization with an acid-alcohol solution and methylene blue as a counterstain. Kinyoun carbol-fuschsin has a greater concentration of phenol and basic fuchsin and does not require heating in order to stain properly.

When viewed under a microscope, Kinyoun stained slides will show acid-fast organisms as red and non acid-fast organisms as blue.

Kit includes: Carbol Fuchsin (Kinyoun), Acid Alcohol, and Methylene Blue (8 oz. bottle of each)

Flammable liquid, Irritant, Toxic (Ingestion), Toxic (Absorption), Toxic (Inhalation)
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Store at room temperature