Batson’s #17 Anatomical Corrosion Kit

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07349-1 1 kit


Low viscosity, acrylic-based resin system for room temperature preparation of anatomical corrosion castings. After hardening, tissue is corroded away by caustic solution, yielding a durable, scientifically exact model for anatomical study.

Kit Contains: 940ml monomer base, 2x100ml catalyst, 50ml promoter, 10g pigment red, 10g pigment blue

Mixing Batson's #17 Anatomical Corrosion Kit with radiopaque materials should be handled carefully. Avoid mixing Batson's #17 Anatomical Corrosion Kit with Tantalum.


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Flammable liquid , Organic peroxide , Expected carcinogen
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Store at 4 degrees celsius;Refrigerate on arrival; do not freeze