BioMag® SelectaPure anti-Human CD4

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85004-5 5 ml


BioMag® anti-Human CD IgG-coated particles are produced by covalently attaching murine monoclonal antibodies to BioMag® particles. The antibodies were prepared against human leukocyte differentiation antigens. Each product is supplied in phosphate buffered saline with EDTA and sodium azide added as stabilizers, and should be washed in sterile media prior to use to remove the preservative.

The CD4 antigen is expressed on a subset of peripheral blood lymphocytes, the T helper lymphocytes. It is also present on most thymocytes and is frequently co-expressed with CD8. CD4 is also expressed on all monocytes, but at a lower density than on CD4+ T lymphocytes.

Harmless-use normal precautions
Exercise normal care
Store at 4 degrees celsius;Do not permit to freeze

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