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24339-50 50 g
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A novel patented class of polytetrafluoroethylene particles, our unique DispersEZ particles have chemically treated surfaces to orient stabilizing polar moieties (both hydroxyl and carboxylic acid groups) to the exterior of the bead. These molecules, which are chemically grafted to the PTFE surface, allow the particles to disperse easily in both aqueous and solvent media without the need for added surfactants or stabilizers that can interfere with desired properties.

Carboxyl and hydroxyl moieties on the surface of the DispersEZ particles act as synthetic handles to which a variety of chemical species can be attached. Groups such as esters, isocyanates, halogens, aldehydes, ethers, and epoxides can be formed with the appropriate reagents, under the proper conditions. Similarly, the surface carboxyl groups can be derivitized with esters and amides.

Applications range from solid phase synthesis supports to bioreagents for diagnostic assays.

Mean Particle Size: 200-300nm

Surfactant Demand: None (Self stabilized without added surfactant)

Surface area: 8m2/g (BET surface area measurement)

Surface Reactivity: High (Concentration of accessible reactive sites versus traditional PTFE beads)



Molecular Weight:
1 x 105
Melting Point:
320 - 325° C
Cream colored powder
Gloves & chemical goggles
Store at room temperature

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