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Cat. # Description Viscosity (kCps) Cure Time/ Temp (hrs/°C) Tg (°C) CTE (ppm) Modulus (MPa) Durometer Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)

2 component clear silicone gel suitable for various applications. Inert, low modulus, low viscosity, clear, & thermally curable.

0.3 0.5/60 300 0.05 5A N/A

2 component, low viscosity silicone encapsulant suitable for encapsulation applications including sesnsitive optoelectronic assemblies. Stress free & thermally curable.

0.2 0.3/65 200 0.1 20A N/A

2 component, addition cured silicone encapsulant designed for applications that require low stress & excellent electrical properties. Designed for potting & encapsulation where low cost & low viscosity is required. Room temperature or thermally curable.

10 1/60 150 5 80A N/A

2 component, high strength, silicone elastomer with many useful features including a wide service temperature range of use, good environmental stability, & good cured flexibility. Well suited for many sealing & bonding applications, transluscent, low modulus, & thermally curable.

30 0.5/60 250 1 30A N/A

2 component, silicone encapsulant designed for applications requiring high thermal conductivity & stability. Rapidly cures with moderate heat & easy to use.

10 1/60 200 3 50A 1.3