OptiCLEAR™ Transparent Liquid Encapsulants

OptiCLEAR™ Transparent Liquid Encapsulants

Polysciences, Inc. optical adhesives and encapsulants are specifically formulated for use on optical sensors, digital cameras, light transmission devices, and doming applications.

OptiCLEAR™ is a line of transparent liquid encapsulants. These 100% solids (non-volatile), no odor epoxies can be UV and/or thermally cured for maximum process flexibility. They are engineered to work well when applied in thick or thin films, available in several viscosity ranges. OptiCLEAR™ products are excellent alternatives to acrylic encapsulants.

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OptiCLEAR Transparent Liquid Encapsulants

Cat. # Description Viscosity (kCps) Cure Time/ Temp (hrs/°C) Tg (°C) CTE (ppm) Modulus (MPa) Durometer Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)

2 component epoxy designed for bonding, encapsulating, & sealing applications require good optical clarity. Curable at ambient temperatures or preferably with moderate heat, excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, glass, & ceramics, low viscosity, & thermally curable.

0.3 1/80 125 20 50D N/A

2 component clear silicone gel suitable for various applications. Inert, low modulus, low viscosity, clear, & thermally curable.

0.3 0.5/60 300 0.05 5A N/A

2 component, low viscosity silicone encapsulant suitable for encapsulation applications including sesnsitive optoelectronic assemblies. Stress free & thermally curable.

0.2 0.3/65 200 0.1 20A N/A
SF503A Liquid encapsulant fill material specifically designed to offer efficient light transmission & low cure stress. 100% solids, unfilled, liquid encapsulant designed for encapsulation of semiconductor devices requiring high toughness & strong adhesion to various substrates such as metal, ceramic, & organic. UV or thermally curable. 2 UV or 1/130 70 50 60D N/A

2 component epoxy designed for encapsulating & coating applications requiring good clarity & high heat resistance. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, glass, & ceramics.

0.5 01.05.0150 60 500 80D N/A