Cell Culture Bags

Polysciences cell culture bags are a simple-to-use, single-use device for the culture, harvest and storage of cells. The vessel is constructed using a USP Class VI medical grade material displaying the superior gas permeability needed to support rapid cell growth, and with the robustness necessary for centrifugation.

The bags are available for purchase in several sizes (from 50 ml to 2 L) and most sizes fit into standard centrifuge adaptors and rotors, for single-step cell harvesting using standard centrifugation conditions. These cell culture bags can be used with greater fill volumes than other standard cell culture devices, while still delivering high protein yields.

No extraneous shaker or stirring devices are required with Polysciences cell culture bags, and only a simple CO2 incubator is needed. The use of highly compact wire shelving, such as those available with the Caron Products 6024 Reach-In CO2 Incubator provide the space and capacity for up to 96 one liter cell culture bags, converting your Caron incubator into a bioreactor-scale system. This is 3 times as much cell culture volume compared to similar incubators filled with flasks and roller bottles.

Examples of cell types cultured using Polysciences cell culture bags include:
Hybridomas, CHO K-1, HEK293, Jurkats, Stem Cells (embryonic and adipose-derived), sf-9 insect, CHO-S and plant cells.

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