L.R. Gold Embedding Media

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17412-500 500 ml
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L.R. Gold is a specialized material designed for cold processing of unfixed or lightly fixed tissue. The product enables the researcher to study fixation sensitive and temperature labile antigens and enzymes in resin sections using light and electron microscopy. London Resin recommends the use of Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) as a tissue protectant and either Benzil or Benzoin methyl ether as a catalyst depending on the method of polymerization selected by the researcher.

L.R. resins are a blend of hydrophilic monomers which exhibit low viscosity for rapid and thorough penetration. Sections may be cut at 1-5µ or ultra thin for EM work. Stable for 1 year when stored at 4° C, these very low viscosity (8cps) embedding media rapidly penetrate tissue due to their hydrophilic nature.

Journal of Pathology, 151, 231 (1987)
Combustible, Irritant
Gloves & chemical goggles
Store at 4 degrees celsius

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