NeuroVue<sup>®</sup> Jade - Filter Square For Neuronal Tract Tracing

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Useful for neuronal tract tracing studies of up to five days. Spectrally compatible with NeuroVue® Maroon, Orange & Red.

1cm² nylon filter coated with the lipophilic green emitting dye, NeuroVue® Jade.

Typical dye loading: 22-30 nmoles/mm2.


  • Convenient, ready-to-use coated filter format More precise control of dye insertion point
  • No messy oils, pastes or hard-to-position crystals
  • Diffusion properties comparable to or better than other commercially available neurotracing dyes
  • More focal results (e.g. labeling of small sets of axons within a pathway)
  • Available in multiple colors, including far red, for multi-tract tracing and improved results even in tissues with high myelin expression

Sold under sublicense from PTI Research, Inc. to MTTI . NeuroVue® is a trademark of PTI Research, Inc. For patents, see link.

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