Clear-Advantage Xylene Substitute

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24770-1 1 gal
24770-4 4 x 1 gallon


Clear-Advantage is a specific fraction of petrochemical derivatives that creates a safer xylene substitute for processing, staining and coverslipping. There are several types of xylene substitutes in the market today including both standard hydrocarbon and citrus limonene types that contain overpowering odors. Clear-Advantage is virtually odorless and offers improved clearing performance compared to these types.

Achieve consistent results with excellent tissue morphology, nuclear detail and cell structure definition!


  • Slides dry 3 times faster than with xylene.
  • Slides clear faster and crisper
  • Paraffin dissolves 50% faster than with xylene.
  • Virtually odorless, low toxicity and stable.
  • Recycling is faster in conventional recycling units.
  • Decreases “tissue hardening".
  • Compatible with automated processing units manufactured by TBS®, Leica, Sakura, Shandon,
  • Lipshaw, Surgipath® and others.
  • Tissue morphology and cell structure definition is exceptional!
Flammable liquid , Irritant
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Store at room temperature

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