<i>Deli-Cal</i> Block Solution

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24900-250 250 ml
24900-500 500 ml


Deli-Cal Block Solution "Enhances ribbon cutting for bone marrow biopsies and clots"

Our microtome soak, Deli-Cal Block Solution saves time and money by allowing to salvage problem blocks right at cutting stations. The quality and thoroughness of Deli-Cal Block Solution is dependent upon the original decalcification procedure and condition of the specimen.


  • Saves knives and saves money
  • Useful for Bone Marrows, Special Stains and IHC
  • Enhances ribbon cutting
  • Salvages undecalcified and under processed bone marrow biopsies at the cutting station
  • Fast soaking procedure
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable


  1. Remove block from microtome and place face down in Deli-Cal Block Solution for bone marrow biopsies, clots, special stains and IHC.
  2. Allow block to soak for three to five minutes.
  3. Remove block and rinse under tap water.
  4. Re-chill block and re-mount on microtome.
  5. Proceed with normal ribbon cutting routine.
Corrosive , Irritant
Gloves & chemical goggles
Store at room temperature

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