Total Cutting Solution Kit

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25388-1 1 kit


A revolutionary product for every microtomy work station in your lab. Our Total Cutting Solution Kit provides you with 5 tissue cutting solutions to address underdecalcified tissue, overdehydrated tissue, dry bloody specimen, nails and other problem blocks & specimens. Don’t let poor processing and paraffin issues impact your work flow. 10 multi-well tissue block holders provided with the kit. Convenient 5 bottle holder allows you to sit these great problem-solving solutions right at your cutting station.

    Kit contains:
  • 120 ml Histoheme
  • 120 ml Soft Block
  • 120 ml Soft Nail
  • 120 ml Super Decalcifier I: Delicate
  • 120 ml Super Decalcifier II: Heavy Duty
  • 10 multi-well block holders
120 ml Replacement bottles available for Soft Block, Histoheme, Soft Nail Super Decalcifier I: Delicate and Super Decalcifier II: Heavy Duty.

Solutions are also sold separately in larger sizes.