PolyFreeze (Tissue Freezing Medium) - Red

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25115-4 4 oz
25115-1 6x120 ml


Cryo-embedding matrix for frozen specimens. Color makes differentiating multiple specimens easy during sectioning and staining. Experience less curling, less ice artifacts, faster freezing with PolyFreeze.

Freezes quickly supporting the tissue for sectioning at 3μ and up with no cracking of the matrix at temperatures from -8°C to -25°C. Snap freeze using PolyFreeze with isopentane and liquid nitrogen or dry ice (slush/slurry or bunker). Store specimens frozen in PolyFreeze in liquid nitrogen canisters or in airtight containers in -80°C freezer.

Harmless-use normal precautions
Exercise normal care
Store at room temperature

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