Melanin Bleach Kit

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Remove melanin pigment in cells of malignant melanomas and reveal cellular detail!

Accumulation of heavy melanin pigment in the cells of malignant melanoma can obscure cellular morphology can hinder special staining, IHC or histochemical staining.

Melanins are pale brown to dark brown and even black pigments that are found intracellular in the cytoplasm. Melanins are found in hair, skin, retina, and the substantia nigra of the brain.

Removing melanin from tissue sections allows for positive staining to be interpreted correctly especially if DAB is used when performing immunohistochemistry. Our Melanin Bleaching Kit saves time by removing melanin pigment prior to incubation with primary antibody.


  • Reveal cellular morphology obscured by melanin pigment
  • Save time, no mixing required
  • Easy to visualize results
  • Convenient kit format

Kit Contains: 250ml Pretreatment Solution A, 250ml Pretreatment Solution B

Gloves & chemical goggles
Store at room temperature