<I>Embed-It™</I> Low Viscosity Epoxy Kit

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Catalog No. Packaging Size Price Quantity
24300-1 1 kit (2 x 100ml)
24300B-1 1 Liter
24300A-1 1 Liter
24300B-3.8 3.8 Liters
24300A-3.8 3.8 Liters


A modification of the Spurr's formulation, Embed-It Low Viscosity Epoxy Kit can be used for embedding biological, material and mineralogical samples.

This kit is composed of two very low viscosity components (~65cps) packaged in easy to dispense squeeze top bottles. Components are mixed in equal parts by weight to make the infiltration and embedding resin.

The resin readily penetrates into the specimen and cures to a clear hard solid overnight at 60°C.


  • Easy To Use - Mix Only 2 Components in Equal Proportions
  • Save Time - Prepare the Embed-It Resin for Both Infiltration and Embedding
  • Convenient - Mix Only the Amount You Need
  • Less Hazardous - Components Ship Together As Non-Hazardous Materials

Kit Contains: 100mL of Solution A and 100mL of Solution B


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Store at room temperature