Lowicryl® K4M Polar, Hydrophilic, -35ºC embedding kit

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Lowicryls are low viscosity, highly cross-linked acrylate and methacrylate based embedding media.  They are designed to preserve molecular structure/antigens by being applied at low temperatures. Because they preserve antigenicity, Lowicryls are a useful alternative to epoxy resins in immunochemistry.

Lowicryl® K kits are polar and hydrophilic and have many advantages over other methods. During dehydration and infiltration specimens may be kept partially hydrated and polymerized with up to 5% water. They are also useful in immunolabeling of sections using specific antisera, lectins and colloidal gold particles.

Lowicryl® K4M kit can be used for tissue infiltration and polymerization at temperature as low as −35ºC. The use of K4M results in better structural/antigen preservation and lower background labeling compared to other methods.

Kit contains: 1x130gm of Crosslinker A, 3x250gm of Monomer B, and 2x4.8gm of Initiator C


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Irritant , Lachrymator , Poison (Absorption)
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Protect from light;Store at room temperature