Lowicryl® HM20 Non-polar, Hydrophobic, -70ºC Embedding Kit

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15924-1 1 kit


Lowicryls are low viscosity, highly cross-linked acrylate and methacrylate based embedding media that are designed for use at low-temperature for improved preservation of molecular structure and antigens. They are useful alternative to epoxy resins in immunochemistry.

Lowicryl® HM kits are non-polar and are used to produce high contrast images of completely unstained thin sections by Z-contrast. The HM kits are particularly suitable for dark field observation because of their relatively low density.

Lowicryl HM20 Non-polar Embedding Kit is designed for use at temperature as low as -70oC.

Kit Contains: 3x225gm of Monomer E, 1x130gm of Crosslinker D and 1x4.8gm of Initiator C (not shown)


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Irritant , Lachrymator , Poison (Absorption)
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Protect from light;Store at room temperature