GlycoGel Stain Kit

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24693-1 1 kit


Glycoproteins are macromolecules composed of both a protein and carbohydrate portion. The sugar group can assist in protein folding or improved stability.

Glycoproteins are often found in proteins that are located in extracellular spaces and are important in immune cell recognition such as: antibodies and Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).

Glycoprotein detection in gel electrophoresis (PAGE) is performed by modified (PAS) Periodic Acid Schiff chemistry. This method is very selective and has a detection limit of approximately 25-100 nanograms/band.

  • Detect glycoprotein on SDS-PAGE gels
  • Glycoproteins are detected as magenta bands with a colorless background
  • Ready-to-Use Kit stains 10 gels
Gloves & chemical goggles
Store at 4 °C