StainRITE Wright-Giemsa Stain Solution

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24985-1 1 liter
24985-10 10 liters


StainRITE® Wright-Giemsa Stain Solution is a dual purpose stain useful for blood films, parasites and bone marrow aspirates. Prepared from certified dyes.

Ready-to-use solution makes the differentiation of blood cells much easier to identify.

Based on a commonly used Azure-Eosin formula.

Stain Results:
  • Erythrocytes - light pink to moderate purple, not grey or blue
  • Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils - blue to dark blue to purple nuclei, reddish purple lilac granules, pale pink cytoplasm
  • Eosinophils - blue to dark blue to purple nuclei, red to orange-red granules, blue cytoplasm
  • Basophils - purple to dark blue to black nuclei, purple granules
  • Lymphocytes and monocytes - dark purple nuclei, sky blue cytoplasm
  • Platelets - violet to purple granules