Rapid Bacterial Test Strips

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  1. Bacti Strips

    Bacti Strips

    Starting at: $203.00

    Convenient method for the detection of urinary infections. Sterile strips of filter paper (60mm x 5mm) with score 15mm from one end.

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  2. Beta Strips

    Beta Strips

    Starting at: $87.00

    Rapid diagnostic test for penicillin resistant bacteria.

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  3. MRSA Strips

    MRSA Strips

    Starting at: $107.00

    MRSA Strips are a traditional strip based sensitivity test for simple identification of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) bacteria.

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  4. Oxidase Strips

    Oxidase Strips

    Starting at: $74.00

    Offers a rapid in vitro qualitative test to assist in the identification of microorganisms isolated from clinical specimens.

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  5. Urease Strips

    Urease Strips

    Starting at: $47.00

    Intended to qualitatively detect the Urea hydrolyzing capability of various microorganisms.

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  6. Indole Strips

    Indole Strips

    Starting at: $73.00

    Used to qualitatively test for Indole production and thereby assist in bacterial identification.

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