Biologic Particles

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  1. Sporopollenin Lycopodium

    Sporopollenin Lycopodium

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    Natural biological particles


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  2. Corn Pollen

    Corn Pollen

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  3. Paper Mulberry Pollen

    Paper Mulberry Pollen

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  4. Ragweed Pollen

    Ragweed Pollen

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    This 19-20µm size ragweed pollen is a short type, botanical named Ambrosia artemisiifolia.

    It is collected under a vacuum method and exceeds identity and purity by microscopic identification. It contains less than 0.1% contamination with foreign pollens or molds. Plant parts do not exceed 5% for anemophilous (wind pollinated) pollen or 12% for entomophilous (insect pollinated) pollen.


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  5. Pecan Pollen

    Pecan Pollen

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