BioMag® mRNA Purification System

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  1. BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 Particles

    BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 Particles

    Starting at: $298.00

    Nuclease-free BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 particles purify mRNA from total RNA, tissue and cells in 15-45 minutes depending upon sample.

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  2. BioMag® SelectaPure mRNA System

    BioMag® SelectaPure mRNA System

    Starting at: $459.00

    The BioMag® SelectaPure mRNA Purification Kit is ideal for isolating mRNA from total RNA or tissue in 15-45 minutes depending upon sample.

    The kit utilizes BioMag® Oligo dT(20) to purify mRNA directly from cell lysates or total RNA.

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