S950, Weak Acid Cation Resin, Aminophosphonic

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Purolite® S950, Weak Acid Cation Resin, Aminophosphonic is a macroporous aminophosphonic acid chelating resin, designed for the removal of cations of toxic metals such as lead, copper and zinc from industrial effluents at low pH. At somewhat higher pH values, calcium, magnesium and barium, as well as the toxic metals cadmium, nickel, and cobalt are strongly complexed and may be separated from quite high concentrations of univalent cations. S950 ishighly selective (under the appropriate conditions) for a range of both heavy metal and common divalent ions. Hence its use may be recommended where it is necessary to remove calcium or magnesium in order to avoid possible precipitation, or where its selectivity for a particular range of metals offers advantages.

  • Application - Selective Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Waters
  • Polymer Structure - Macroporous polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance - Spherical beads
  • Functional Group - Aminophosphonic
  • Ionic Form as Shipped - Na+
Product Information
Calcium Capacity (min.) 26 g/l
Moisture Retention 60 - 68 % (Na+ form)
<300 µm (max.) 1 %
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.5
Reversible Swelling, H+ → Ca2+ (operating) 50 %
Specific Gravity 1.13
Shipping Weight (approx.) 710 - 760 g/l (44.4 - 47.5 lb/ft3)
Temperature Limit 80°C (176°F)

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