Acid & Acid Salt Monomers

Acidic groups are often used to convey solubility to polymers in aqueous media. These moieties can be converted to a wide range of alternative functional groups. Acid groups can be utilized as catalysts for chemical reactions. Additionally they are employed in polymers as a functional group which enables improved adhesion to a variety of substrates through hydrogen bonding or metal chelation.

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Acid & Acid Salt Monomers

Cat. # Name Mol. Weight Polymerizable Sites Polymerizable Synthon Add’l. Reactive Functionality Special Features
21222 Copper (II) methacrylate 233.7
17210 3-Sulfopropyl methacrylate, potassium salt 246.3 g/mol
17209 3-Sulfopropyl acrylate, potassium salt (SPAK) 232.3 g/mol
24315 Methacryloyl-L-Lysine 214.16
00488 Acrylic anhydride min. 90% 126.1
24891 Beta-Carboxyethyl Acrylate, Distribution 144
02597 2-Sulfoethyl methacrylate, >90% 194.1
16570 3-Sulfopropyldimethyl-3-methacrylamidopropylammonium, inner salt 292.4