Poly(allylamine), MW 15000, 15% aq. soln.

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Ready to use Poly(allylamine) (PAA/PAH) 15% solution in water. This is a water soluble cationic polymer with primary amino groups (free base types) for chemical reactions.

Ability to modify surfaces and provide cationic character allows the user to selectively attract negatively charged functional groups to the coated surface or to the dissolved water soluble cationic polymers.

This feature is useful in the following types of applications:
  • heavy metal removal by chelation
  • promotion of precipitation or flocculation of dissolved solids
  • imparting antistatic properties
  • adding anti-microbial character
  • binding of dyes or inks
  • anionic pigment binding
  • decolorizing agent
  • binding to aldehydes
  • corrosion inhibition on metal surfaces
  • polymer bridging to link functionalized polymer systems
Molecular Weight:
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