Polyethylene-co-vinyl acetate 70:30 (wt) MW 75,000

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Polyethylene-co-vinyl acetate (PEVA) is a highly biocompatible polymer used in a wide variety of biomedical device applications including drug delivery systems and medical implants. PEVA has many desirable characteristics (tensile strength, barrier properties, controlled release and optical transparency). Our PEVA is a highly purified copolymer with no additives and a low polydispersity index. PEVA can be processed in a large number of ways including spin coating, casting, molding, extrusion and a variety of emulsion and solution mixing.

Polysciences Inc. can synthesize custom ethylene:vinyl acetate ratios and molecular weights, please use our custom inquiry form for more information.

Molecular Weight:
1. Hsieh, D. S. T., Rhine, W. D. and Langer, R. (1983), Zero-order controlled-release polymer matrices for micro- and macromolecules. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 72: 17–22, 2. Tallury, P. et al. (2007), Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) copolymer matrix for delivery of chlorhexidine and acyclovir drugs for use in the oral environment: Effect of drug combination, copolymer composition and coating on the drug release rate. Dental materials, 23: Issue 4, 404-409.

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