PolyLink Amine Linker Kit - F50

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The PolyLink Amine Linker Kit contains 4 different Purolite® amine functionalized resins with 2 different linker lengths and 2 different porosities to allow you to rapidly identify the best resin for immobilizing your enzyme.

Amino resins can be then used to covalently immobilize enzymes, following preactivation using glutaraldehyde, as shown in the figure. Reaction of the aldehyde groups with amino groups of enzymes to form Schiff bases is fast and gives stable multipoint covalent binding. If desired, the imine linkages can be made even more stable by reducing the double bonds using a borohydride or another compatible reducing agent.

In additional to these products, Polysciences also offers glutaraldehyde (provide link) in various concentrations and buffer solutions (provide link) useful for activating the resin and completing the enzyme immobilization.

Components Description Functional Group Immobilization Pore Diameter Å
50257-50 ECR8310F Amino C2 acrylate Amino Group (short spacer) Covalent 850-1200
50259-50 ECR8319F Amino C2 acrylate Amino Group (short spacer) Covalent 1600-2000 (Hg intrusion)
50261-50 ECR8405F Amino C6 acrylate Amino Group (long spacer) Covalent 450-850
50263-50 ECR8417F Amino C6 acrylate Amino Group (long spacer) Covalent 1600-2200

The amine linker kit contains 50 g of each of the resins listed in the table. All of these resins have a particle size of 150 – 300 microns (F grade). Resins with the same functionality as these with a particle size of 300 – 700 microns (M grade) are also available if desired and typically allow for faster filtration. Additional information about each resin can be found on their individual product pages and in the Product Guide for the full range of ECR resins.

For more details download the Product Guide

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