Custom Synthesis

Polysciences, Inc. delivers high-quality custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services necessary to accelerate your research and development programs. We provide the skill, experience and chemistry support services for the synthesis of targeted compounds, starting materials, specialized reagents and other compounds for your needs. Custom synthesis of mg to multi-kg quantities of compounds for use in research and development.

Our objective is to develop partnerships with innovative companies, providing a complete range of custom synthesis and cGMP contract manufacturing services, including:

  • Monomer synthesis
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Homopolymers and co-polymers
  • Unique and ultra-pure specialty chemicals
  • Different end group chemistries
  • Molecular weights ranging from a few thousand to several million
  • Scale from milligrams to thousands of kilograms

Please contact us with your synthesis project requirements.

News and Events

  • Press Releases

    Polysciences, Inc. appoints Tom Foster as Director of Supply Chain,

    Warrington, PA, May 2015 - Tom Foster has joined Polysciences, Inc. to lead transformational change in our supply chain planning, purchasing, logistics and customer service functions to prepare the business for significant future growth.


    Polysciences, Inc. announces the acquisition of Astral Diagnostics


    Polysciences, Inc. hosts Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick as part of his ‘100 Businesses in 100 Days’ Tour

    Polysciences, Inc., an award-winning company specializing in the development and manufacture of high purity chemicals and reagents for laboratory research, histology, healthcare diagnostics and biomedical applications, hosted Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick as part of his annual ‘100 Businesses in 100 Days’ Tour on Monday, August 18, 2014.