<i>Stain</i>RITE<sup>®</sup> Wright Stain Phosphate Buffer pH 6.8

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24989-1 1 liter
24989-4 4 liters


This Phosphate Buffer yields satisfactory staining results every time when used with the Wright staining method.

The buffer used in the Wright staining protocol needs to be pH 6.8 or results will be unsatisfactory. If the buffer is too acidic the stain will be too red and nuclei will be too light; if it is too basic the stain will be too blue and cytoplasmic detail will be indistinct.

Stain results with Wright staining method:

  • Erythrocytes should appear pink to orange
  • All nuclei should appear purple-blue
  • Lymphocyte Cytoplasm should appear blue
  • Eosinophil granules should appear red to orange red
  • Basophil granules should appear dark reddish purple